King Mantel Clock

The King Mantle is a tambour style clock built from the finest oak.

The clock is accentuated by a beautiful array of woodwork and moldings.

The clock is also equipped with our signature WSM movement. The movement allows you to play 6 melodies, an hourly Westminster chime, a 4 x 4 chime, or 3 Christmas melodies.

Clock is battery quartz operated.
1) Four Seasons - Spring
1) Westminster Chime (Quarterly)
2) Morning Mood - Peer Gynt
3) Traumerei
4) Voice Of Spring
5) Le Cygne (The Swan)
6) Tale From The Vienna Woods
-- Group 2 --
1) Silent Night
1) Westminster Chime (Hourly)
2) Joy To The World
3) We Wish You A Merry Christmas

WSM King Mantel

Size:15"H x 24"W

Product Line: WSM clock

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