A Tiny Dancer. . .

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The finest musical carousels from Italy are also known as Carillons or Mosques, depending on the country using them. This metal music box reflects fine artisanship in its quality and movement. When opened with the finial at top, a ballerina appears, dancing in tune with the music. Candy or other treasures can be stored in the 4 pockets doors. This teal green Limoge porcelain finish has masterprints fired at extremely high temperatures to bond the glass, metal and lastly the miniature art prints into the sides, base and bell top. A collectors delight and an unusual treasure with Italian gold leaf finish. This carillon comes with one of five songs: "Music of the Night", "Lara's Theme", Anniversary Waltz", "Waltz of the Flowers" or "Pachebell's Canon".

Height: 11 3/4", Width: 5 1/4"

Carousel/Carillon Limoge
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