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- NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - Call us at 800-288-5883 for info. is exclusively introducing the first in a series of collectible Signature Series disc players by Kohaut and Company's master woodcrafter, Harry Kohaut. The Kohaut Family has been handcrafting music boxes since 1887.

For the Signature Series, Harry has combined the wonderful wood boxes of Kohaut and Company with the newest disc player, the Organette by Sankyo, in a design which recalls the rich beauty and interchangeable media of traditional disc musical boxes. It features a 20 note movement with excellent sound, and is the most affordable disc player available in years. This disc player is a reproduction of the traditional disc player using musical sheets created from sturdy 7 1/2" diameter composite paper discs. There are 27 song titles available, allowing a complete library of songs to be acquired by the owner. Around the turn of the century disc boxes were converted to electricity with the introduction of electricity to the home. This box is powered by batteries and is available in your choice of cherry, oak, or walnut wood with a distinctive tongue and groove craftsmanship. The brass plate bearing the Kohaut signature is your guarantee of authenticity. This unique collectible will be prized by serious collectors or lovers of music boxes and fine craftsmanship.

Kohaut Signature Series
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