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These amazingly detailed finely crafted wood and wire miniature musical instruments are always the subject of ooohs and aaahs for musicians, students and music lovers. Sample melodies:

It's the tiny details - like accuracy of the violin bow, the guitar bridge and fretboard, the accurate five string banjo neck, and tuning keys that work - that are admired by those familiar with these instruments. Each instrument comes with its own fitted black leather style case, finished with red felt lining and working metal latches. The violin and banjo also include a stand!

A small winding knob is located inconspicuously on the back of each instrument. If you'd like a specific melody, please call to see what songs are currently available. The following dimensions are the size of the cases; the instruments themselves are slightly smaller.

Guitar Height: 2", Width: 4 1/2", Length: 11"
Violin Height: 1 3/4", Width: 3 1/4", Length: 8"
Banjo Height: 1 1/2", Width: 3 3/4", Length: 10"
Mandolin Height: 2 1/8", Width: 3 7/8", Length: 8 3/4"

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